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what do you mean "the girlfriend". Did your boyfriend tell you he's Poly? Or did you drop the Poly bomb? or was it mutual?

Also, what do you mean you don't want someone in your life full time? If you don't want a committed relationship, then you should make sure to tell the people you're in relationships with that you don't want commitment.

Polyamory is the pretty much the exact opposite of what you seem to want(by saying you don't want full time). It takes extreme commitment, dedication and unconditional love to make poly relationships work. It sound like what you need to is to figure out who you are, what you want, and to date and connect to people and find out what you like. While you date, remember to have self control with you self and tell the truth to people you are involved with. That you don't want anything full time and want to be open.

If you have any questions i can talk to you, pm me and i'll give you my email
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