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Ah tried back button again and now I have it!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to say thanks , as this has been a really interesting discussion to read.

It's frustrating that we can't legally marry more than one partner, as the inequality of the idea of marrying one and not the other is really edgy for me. Maybe also because I have not used what I consider to be a primary/secondary/tertiary type model for a while, since I don't live with any of my partners full time. I also don't like the hierarchy and prefer my relationships to have fewer unnatural boundaries, and it just doesn't seem to work that way for me right now. I do have two relationships which are more involved than the third, so using this model the closest I could say is that I have two primaries and a partner who is secondary to them (which defeats the point of having a word to mean primary ;-) ) and although it is by no means a triad, we spend time all together and there is some level of non-platonic intimacy between the other two some of those times.

In a way I am already 'engaged' to two.. My other more serious partner also wears a ring to symbolise our commitment, but this refers to a different dynamic (a BDSM world one, which is similar, but more a statement of intent than a promise like an engagement). I guess the 'weddings' in both instances will just end up being non legal ones which we created ourselves, unless legal needs arise (luckily here we get free healthcare anyway).

Aw it';s a shame nobody here has a story to share of multiple weddings of any kind. Although obviously lots of us here have great stories about multiple commitments.. I guess a non legal wedding in this context just becomes a commitment ceremony/celebration.

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