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I do apologize for my part in making this thread a negative one about your fella. Part of it is the text issue I feel.

I congratulate you on making this discovery about yourself. This kind of epiphany takes a lot of guts I'd say and not many people can do it... especially if they are new to poly. I also want to thank you. You have put a whole new spin on my own problems.

I have spent so much time WISHING that we could have been more, I failed to see what it is we already have. When we are together, the world melts and it's just us. As infrequent as our time together may be, I would never throw away the chance to bask in our love. I want that possibility open to me forever.
When I read this, my stomach clenched and that lightbulb went off over my head. This is exactly how I feel about "Elric". Even as "just friends" we have a special love and connection and if that is all I can have of him, then maybe, I think I can accept that. Wow... Thank you so much.
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