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Default Moral of the storey - I like gi-joe - sue me.

Some key lessons in my life have occurred because of this, here is the synopsis

1 – communication is beyond important. Even if you have to repeat yourself
2 – Love is not always reciprocal
3 – Live without expectation – hopes and dreams are something different
4 – don’t hide
5 – jealousy does not stem your environment, it stems from your comfort with that environment, at least in my case. I didn’t know I could be jealous until I was insecure about my environment with E

I know my journey in many ways is different than others, we didn’t come into this locked into fidelity. We never really believed that was possible. That helped a lot of the initial hiccups. But we had our own challenges, as an individual this has been harder on me than on her.

Some of you will know some or all of this. A few of you watched my wallowing in the beginning, thanks to all of you who helped me through it and get to this point ...I owe ya some beers
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