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Default Pengrah and her awesomeness

I donít credit Pengrah enough above, I also donít want to put words in her mouth. In the beginning she was supportive and understanding. I was reading everything on poly. I joined 4 sites trying to find my identity within my sexuality. BDSM, swinging, poly etc. I needed to know what would fill that gap. Pengrah simply sat there and put up with my shit. Our love grew stronger, sexually things were better and she knew I had to process. There were and are always hiccups but this was the way Pengrah was. Like a Dalai Lama chilling out and waiting for me to discover myself Pengrahs. I was so frustrated by her lack of interest in intellectualizing poly and my sexuality. This was my biggest lesson about Pengrah

Her and I learn differently. She sat there, listened, offered her opinion and watched me. MonthsÖwe ordered books, I devoured them and wanted her to read them. She didnít. She didnít go online. She didnít connect with anyoneÖ.

Every month she would say something that had me shaking my head. She was progressing in her own head. To herself. Learning on her own considering and intellectualizing everything going on. She made HUGE progress. He way of learning is not my way of learning. Once I knew that we relaxed into a pattern of personal growth.

I am the luckiest man I know. Fantastic wife, wonderful gf and a life that I didnít think possible. But it is all due to Pengrahís ability to just be her. I treasure her and am happy/proud to call her my wife.
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