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I too am a cowgirl. A real one.

"cowgirl' is a slight term, demeaning concept, 'they' have come up with, to express the type of person who will 'lasso' *eye roll* a person from a exsisting poly relationship, to pull them into their own monogamous one.

This label they have decided to use, is in very poor taste, quite frankly. I see people who would object at a racist term, or even a hint of racism, sexism, or derrogatory names use this term as if it is of no consequence.

I heard the term 'poacher' for the exact same position the other day, and thing that is a better term. A poacher is not a positive thing in any realm. it is a label that is specific to a illegal or wrongful act.

I dont normally get hung up on labels and words at all, but seeing the double standard is baffling.

Maybe they figure only city people are poly ? I don`t know. I look forward to the responses.

Please don`t stop being who you are because someone created a new buzz word.

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