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I am a musical person...kinda. I know how to play piano, keyboards (xylophone etc.), spatterings of percussion, oboe and violin although I'm not sure if I can recall much violin as that was 4th grade. The instruments I know how to play I don't play very well as I never get to practice, but it usually starts coming back when I do get the chance.

I avoid singing in public unless it's a group song on radio and everyone joins in so nobody is really heard. I honestly don't know if I sing well or not. I've only had one person tell me that I couldn't sing and she had ulterior motives. I can't really trust family and friends and they either don't want to hurt my feelings or are completely tone deaf.

I like most music although I'm not a big fan of "gangsta rap" but I don't mind 80's/90's rap, the more happy fun stuff. I love country, symphonic metal, heavy metal, most pop, rock, etc. I was recently introduced to Within Temptation, a Danish Symphonic Metal band and they are amazing! My favorite though has to be Nightwish, another Symphonic Metal band but they are Finnish.
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