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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post
I'm not married either, but I assumed that the use of the word "spouse" in the thread title was just reflecting an assumption that everyone is married instead of a specific disinvitation for unmarried people to comment.
Wasn't so much an assumption that everyone is married (because I don't) and I don't assume everyone has a primary - but at some point a new person will come into an established relationship. The new person may or may not want to approach the SO or OSO or OSO's SO or what have you. If a 4th wants to come into an established triad or V - at some point someone's going to say (even if in their head) "Hey - I like so and so - I should probably check with their SO(s) about that"

So no assumption on marriage or couples or anything - I just don't like the term SO... so I don't use it
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