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Default coming out time?

Hi! Just posted in my intro that my husband and I are totally in love with our "unicorn". She's a friend of both our familes, and she and I have always been best friends, so the fact that we are all together a lot has not raised too many eyebrows...I am sure my parents suspect....they have dropped by a couple of mornings to find us enjoying coffee in our pj's. All of our parents are decently open minded, but I know it's going to come as a big shock. She and my parents are close already, and I don't want thier feelings for her to change. Any advice on what to say? Who should be there? I am super close to my parents...and we are all in a small town, where honestly, I'm not sure anyone knows or gets the concept of poly at all. Our friends are going to flip. We're close to ready for it though...I'm ready for her to not have to feel like a secret. We're so proud to have her in our lives.
Any tips or experiences? Thanks!
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