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Talking New here! :)

Hi everyone...I just found this lovely forum. This seems like a great place to come for advice and support as we navigate this new path!

I'm 29, happily married with two little ones. My husband and I have had an eventful year...My best friend of ten years split from her husband. Sometime after that, she and I felt the urge to act on a physical attraction we had shared for a while...At first it was complicated...He was okay with it as long as it was "just physical", but come on...Many of us have found out that that idea is way harder than we thought! Over the next few months, the three of us went from playing in bed together to what has developed into (tadah!) a triad relationship. The two of them have always been close, and seeing them all giddy over one another makes me really happy. I LOVE where I am...I have my husband, I have a beautiful girlfriend, and we are together as much as possible, living like a family should. There have been a couple of moments where I have felt a twinge of fear, just because their relationship is so new, and the sparks are flying. But they are both so good to me, and I know that I am loved and needed. My husband is the best, and being close to my gal makes me feel complete. Okay, I have gushed enough. I just feel so lucky to have fallen into this lifestyle that just makes so much sense to me. SO, that's our story. It's amazing!

I'm grateful to have found this forum! I can't wait to "meet" some new friends.
Thanks for reading!
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