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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
I highly recommend "The Year of Living Biblically" (can't remember the author at the moment). The author tried to live according to the Bible for an entire year (9 months for the Old Testament, 3 for the New, as that's the rough division of text). He meets with various religious speakers and believers, some of whom come across much better than others.
OK OK, i just ordered a used copy off of Amazon! Its by AJ Jacobs, an admitted OCD person whose last book was about reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. A literary geek! Sounds fun, the reviews say it's hilarious.

Originally Posted by catbird View Post
I wonder what God would have us do about portions of the Bible that don't apply to society or culture now, e.g. "You shall not suffer a witch to live" or "You shall not wear a garment made of blended fibers."
Well, witch is a mistranslation. The Hebrew word means evil sorceress and refer to poisonous potions apparently. Interestingly some say that phrase was from about 1400 BCE. Long-ass time ago! I doubt modern Jews fear evil sorceresses/poisoners today are that much of a threat. LOL

In my opinion, blended fibers is a metaphor for Yahweh (the Levites speaking for him) not wanting the Hebrews to enter into mixed marriages with other religious groups.

It seems like the obvious answer is "Well, those strictures are outmoded" and so they might be. But does one set culture above God? My experience has been that God is freaking dangerous and you don't mess with God, or show disrespect. Granted, you should always test God. I think the Creator wants that.
Or maybe the rules in the Bible were written by men, based on the Hammurabi code of Babylon, and not actually handed down by an invisible fire god on top of a volcano.

Genesis is all myth IMNSHO.
It would be great if there were an answer for the parts of the Law that go against modern civil law or custom. Anybody know of any?
Yes, it's called the Talmud, which we are discussing in the Judaism thread here.
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