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Add two more names to the list of people willing to make judgments with half assed information, two more reasons to never come back here.

I distinctly replied to both of those, but YGirl has decided that I am the only persn on this forum who houldn't be heard. You see, I am the only person on the entire board that is NOT ALLOWED TO BE OFFENDED.

Post fter post after post after post of people making assumptions, judgments, and outright slandering me based on NOTHING - and I have the AUDACITY to be horribly offended?

I suppose it would be FAR less offensive for me jut to pok through each pf their post histories and the threads they've participated in, come up with all kinds of conjecture about their situation based on what others post about them and a lot of assumptions, and then call them all kinds of horrible things and question their motives?

I'm not going to take the time. Frankly, if each of you had just said THAT to me, I'd have a far easier time dealing with it. But you won't; IT'S INSENSITIVE AND RUDE - LMFAO! RUDE! As opposed to the other shit that is going on here, THAT'S FUCKING RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You people are amazing, lol.
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