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"Misery loves company". I am not going to argue on here, there's enough of that at home right now.

I am NOT putting a one month relationship ahead of my engagement. From an alternate POV, Violet is.

Two or three BRIEF conversations, immeditely after which Violet stated "I can't talk to her and if she can't open up to me that's her fucking problem" - actual quote - does NOT constitute trying to get to know someone.

Adrian has NOWHERE to go, and NO money after moving in here. I suppose she could save up for a few weeks, neglecting other financial needs and bills though. You know; the exact situation we said we'd help her get OUT of?

Violet has turned this entire household into her personal soap opera. We all love her - Lord knows I do! - but this is so far past ridiculous as to defy explanation. Nobody in this house can do ANYTHING, AT ALL, without getting Violet drama on them. Everything revolves around her constant need to remind us all how miserable she is in the bed SHE made. I am not wanting to put others ahead of Violet. I am not wanting her relationshi with me to take a backseat. And the asinine part is, niether is anyone else here! She flip flops her position every few hours, drags us all into laborious discussions every time she does, and than does it all again. She insists on driving everyone batshit crazy and crying when they won't focus on her - ALL THE TIME. Nobody is pushing away from Violet - we're RUNNING. INCLUDING LANA, which Violet does't seem to grasp, especially when I'm with Adrian and she drags the poor thing around like a kid with a miserable new cat, forcing it to play. Every time Lana sees an opening she bolts to her room and locks the door - but can't refuse when Violet comes crying back up to her.

Violet honey - we love you. All of us. We want to help you. YOU'RE DRIVING US CRAZY AND DRIVING US AWAY. Chill out. Breathe. Live life. Maybe Adrian stays, maybe she goes, nobody knows. But what you're doing right now is making everyone - including yourself - miserable.
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