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MeganNow - we have spent so many hours talking about this - as a group, in pairs, one on one - that the thought of a "talk" sends us running for the hills, lol. To the point where none of the rest of us can haveserious talks right now, 'cuz we're all so burned out from the Violet talks (some of which have been 5 hours long)!

The NRE was between Adrian and I; Violet has been fairly lukewarm toward Adrian all along. Liked her plenty, unsure if she wanted to date her too, altough the option was explored, both in a surface way and physically. Violet moves VERY slowly with women, always has.

I hear you Mono, and it's killing me. But one also has to realize that Violet set this whole thing up! She did not actually pick Adrian as a potential partner - she fell into MY lap - but she approved everything every step of the way, even after Adrian moved in. This all came up at once, almost literally overnight. Moving her out is NOT an option right now; she has nowhere to go, money is very tight - and we just freakin' moved her IN a couple weeks ago, and moving sucks, lol. Oh yeah - MINOR detail - nobody WANTS her to move out.

Thanks for the replies all.
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