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Mono and Nerdist have been talking via email and I am grateful to here that Nerdist doesn't have a hate on for Mono... I think he really didn't realize the depth of what we have and how I am in the middle of them and pulled. Even though I talk about it, he didn't empathize entirely with what I have been saying.

When I leave the house to go to Mono he just fills his time up. I go to a different life. Mono described it as Nerdist and I's house being a city and his place being a town/suburb... one can travel back and forth and both rely on each other. I said to him after that this was not true entirely. Mono is a town, and Nerdist is town. I travel between the two... I am a traveler wanting to settle down. I don't see it in terms of houses, but in terms of people. My time and energy is divided... sigh.... I don't know how many times I have to say it. But I will keep saying it. That won't change... only I can.
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