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We have had this topic before but I can't find a link to give you. grrrrr. I wish people would tag their threads so that they can be found again!

Anyway, the discussion before was about how much time we spend with partners and it was quite interesting... damn!

I would be very carefully moving the amount of time up to something workable, rather than scale back when it's too much. I know it's all early days yet and you want to spend more time, but that is actually a lot of time together! Especially for you kids! A weekend every two weeks? At your house? They don't know him yet and neither do you... I would go a bit slower. A couple of evenings a week for a good year would be more appropriate in my world. It took at least a year for my boy to get to know Mono, and my husband. Hell, me too! It really takes about 18 months for everything to settle and in a lot of ways more than that. We are still settling into it all after 20....

I would suggest slowing down. There is no rushing sustainability and a good thing. Provided you want this to last that is?
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