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Originally Posted by assets View Post
i wonder too Mono, but he won't give me a straight answer so i guess I'll just have to keep wondering...I believe he is mono but when i brought up poly at the beginning he said he was cool with it, then he changed and said that he wanted to be exclusive and now... no sex. This is too much in a barely 2 month old very casual relationship, at least for me it is...
Quick points...the things that seem ok before you fall in love often change after you do...especially in a mono poly dynamic. That cannot be predicted, it has to be experienced to understand.

No sex?....either he's just can't deal with the idea of you having sex with another guy which makes him physically ill, cuts off his energy or renders him impotent (In which case he is fine to have a very close but not sexually intimate relationship with you)


He is subconsciously punishing you.

Just quick thoughts.

Good luck my friend

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