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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
There are a few laws just for goyim, the Noachide Laws.
What does goyim mean?

Jews have been so persecuted by the culture that stole their holy book and distorted its meaning for a new religion... of course they keep their heads low and usually don't openly presume to judge other religions or their adherents.
I was once talking to some Christians about this. I said that Islam took Christianity and modified it to make it a new religion. I said it was equivalent to how Christianity took Judiasm and modified it. But they could not see that. Their basic answer was something like "but we got it right."

Then again Judiasm went through many changes. For example, it was polytheistic before it was monotheistic. And even earlier, most gods were family style gods that were eventually merged to become Yahweh.

Yet many Christians ignore this, and continue to emphasize following certain Jewish laws not meant for them. They just don't know their Bible well enough. Most Christians don't read the Bible.
I remember hearing a professor ask his class how many people read all the Harry Potter books. Most of them had. Then he asked how many of them thought that the Bible was the literal revation of God about how the universe, life and morality. Most of them agreed. Then he asked how many had read the Bible. Most had not. So he asks how a book that should answer life's mysteries could be so ignored?

Personally, I think most people don't want to think too much about it because it becomes hard to reconcile. For example, my mother left a church because the preacher told her that the Bible said a woman should obey her husband, even of the husband said she had to kill someone. Also, the preacher said that Africans who never heard of Jesus went to hell. She didn't want to believe that and she left. But she didn't turn to the Bible to see if she agreed.
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