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Been awhile since I was on here, at least on my own blog.

Things with the GF's other men have been relatively taken care of - the one we were all worried about is no longer in her life (and posibly not in mine, turns out he wasn't quite as good a friend as I thought he was.)

And the other..... it's wierd, but I guess in a good way. Last weekend was his weekend with her, and he pretty much got screwed out of it by her familial obligations. I actually felt bad about it, so much so that I called them earlier to make sure that they had gotten together today (she's spending yesterday until Friday with him) without anything getting in the way. I was actually going to offer to go pick her up and drop her off at his place, if neccessary.

Wierdness. Still upset with the guy for the crap he pulled with me and Mohegan, still kinda concerned about how attached he is to her in some ways... but it bugs me if they don't get time together now. Not sure what to make of that.
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