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Hi.. well.. ummm where to start. I was with my ex husband for 23 years and at the end of it, he wanted an open relationship. I just couldnt deal with it and it all went belly up.

14 months on from the separation I have met a guy who is married and in an open relationship.. and I want in. I have stayed the night while his wife was visiting her boyfriend and we have been out for dinner etc etc and last night I met his wife.. I was so terrified...

I am just trying to get my head around the "rules" as such or are they different for everyone?? I know that we will have every second weekend and a day or two during the week (we live in the same city), and I want to introduce him to the kids. I am not so much worried about the kids, they are 10,12 and 14 as he is a lovely guy and I am sure will be fine around them. How much time do you guys spend with your partners?? is that time a reasonable amount??

I like him and want to be a part of their lives and they a part of mine.

Any guidelines and suggestions would be awesome
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