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Question Coming out and inviting unwanted advances

Hi all!

So my potential partner and I were discussing "coming out" to people. We would both very much like to meet each others' families, but he and his wife are pretty certain that their 9 year old will pick up the vibe between us.

They describe her as "astute" and they live in a very small community with a history of unkindness toward those who are "different" (grr), so they would be afraid she would say something and it would have ramifications for them socially and professionally.

He's away this week visiting with a long-time friend and I joked with him that he could tell him that I said "hi". Long story short, he's pretty sure that his friend is attracted to, maybe in love with, his wife, and thus his hesitance to tell him. She is not attracted to him, and he's afraid of creating a rift.

I have never heard this discussed, but I'm sure there are others who have experience with this. How do you "come out", without making it seem like an invitation if it's not one?

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