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Ok, so I was offered a job working with S today. I want that job bad. It'll be a HUGE opportunity for me, even if it's less hours and less pay per hour.

Still trying to wrap my mind around what to do with D and how to handle that situation. L and S are not really "into" each other anymore. They get along, but not in any kind of "romantic" way. I really think that they put up with each other just because of D and I. L puts up with S so that she can hang out and talk with D....and S puts up with L, so that he can hang out with me. I so wish they got along better. I'm developing these feelings, and have no way to express them even if I knew that they were reciprocative. (Which at this point, I have no idea of yet)

AAARRRGGGHHHH! Damn my mind....It plays tricks on me! And I really think that God is laughing at me.
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