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There is this woman that my husband was friends with before we met. He told me that they would have gotten together but for the fact that she was married. Well her husband died several years ago and when we had the first "poly talk" (which wasn't really the FIRST one because it was always decided that I could have girlfriends, but we changed it so that we can both have girlfriends and I can have boyfriends - steve is straight) I suggested that he might want to ask her on a date sometime. He sees this friend of his maybe once or twice a year, and he hung out with her the other day. I didn't ask him if they talked about the "poly stuff". But, she is a very considerate person, and I don't even know if she would be interested in him that way at this point. I almost would go to HER and say "Hey, you can date each other if you both want". I don't think she would quite know what to say to me about that, so I'll just let the two of them figure it out. It's really none of my business, other than that I wouldn't consider it "cheating". If they kiss each other, he doesn't have to call me up and say "I'm about to kiss her, is that ok with you"? I like her just fine, but we never really established an independent connection with each other. The thing we have most in common is him.
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