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Default Inspiration to keep going

You have been on this particular journey as long as I have been on mine (maybe a month or two more). I was brought to this forum at the urging of 2Rings and later Kattails. They had been following your journey a bit longer. Right away I felt welcomed and inspired by you and Nerdist and Mono...then Derby and Roly- not to mention Ari and LovingRadiance and Maca and GG. At first I thought this concept is insane. These people have lost their minds. But the more I read and posted, the more connections I made the happier I felt in my life and my choice to pursue this poly lifestyle. I have made some very dear friends who understand me in ways I never thought plausible. I don't feel so isolated.I don't feel so guilty. Redpepper, I am so glad you put this all out there because without these glimpses into your life, I would feel very uneasy and lost in mine. You give me hope, and you have showed now that it is not all roses and free love. That it is hard work...continuous hardwork. But also that the payoff is a tremendous feeling of ecstasy of spirit and perfection of life. You don't make it seem easy... but you do make it seem possible. Keep blogging the good and the bad. You give us great inspiration.
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