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Originally Posted by marksbabygirl View Post
Do you want to know before hand?

How would you feel if they came up to you (or emailed you or phoned you) and said "BTW, I really like your spouse -and want to get to know him/her - I think that he/she and I have a great connection"
I'm interested in the details of my partners' lif/ves, so I'd "want to know" anything that was on their mind. I suppose I'm also somewhat curious about what other people think of anyone I'm involved with, but I wouldn't say that I "want to know" if someone else is interested in my partner, beyond that curiosity.

As for the second question, it'd depend on the context. Is this a friend of mine who would normally share with me when they're interested in someone? I can easily imagine other contexts where I'd think it was a faux pas, or even kind of creepy.
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