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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
I read the question as "how would YOU feel ABOUT the fact that someone asked YOU", not "would you give permission or a recommendation to someone who asked".
In my head, when I asked the question it was more about social niceties/ettiquette. As in - which do you prefer - your partners potential partner to say "hello, I'm here and am thinking about dating so and so" or waiting until there IS an established relationship of sorts and then introductions IE: 'hun, this is who I'm dating, they've become important to me and i wanted the important people in my life to meet'

But I've really enjoyed the answers so far - they've been helpful. I'm more in the "I'd like to know we can all be friends (or at least friendly) before you fall in love with her" camp - but in the event that I start dating someone who's IN an established relationship - having the different perspectives helps
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