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When I started dating my current girlfriend, I did not approach her other two primary partners at all about it, nor did I feel the need to. The relationship we formed was between us first. I hang out with them, we all do poly family events together, we're all traveling to France for a week together and I'm sure a lot of the compatibility I have with my girlfriend hinges on my ability to fit with her current network. But ultimately, as equal partners in our relationship, my girlfriend and I are the first priority in terms of how to make our relationship work between us, just as it is with her partners and how they make the relationship work between them. I fully expect and love that when she's balancing her relationship with me, she is taking into account the needs of her other partners in how she prioritizes things, but in terms of who gets to say how I love her, that is nobody's call but the two of us. This is not a problem for her other partners as their relationships are very secure.
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