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I told my husband about this thread and he said "No one's ever asked that question before?"

No, not that I am aware of since I've been on here. I know it's come up in discussions about people's situations or "rules", but I don't recall there ever being a general "what if this ever happened to you" thread about it. I would have to say that this question applies to any existing partner being approached by any potential partner, regardless of gender(s), as redpepper's example demonstrates.

To me, it wouldn't matter if my husband told me or if the woman came to me, but it would send a really pleasant message to my brain if the woman approached me first. That way, the ice is broken. there's no wondering "what's this new person like" or what-not. In fact, I made a personal decision that I will not pursue anyone who has not met my husband before (at LEAST online, lol). It's just better to get that out of the way right away.

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