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thanks everyone I feel a bit of a whiner really... there is work to do, but we are far from tragic I think.

Booklady, I know that you have struggles and we have talked about them before you and I. I didn't mean that you made me feel sad, just a bit jealous. I realize that I have a good thing in my life. So much love. I don't feel connected to Nerdist right now, but that happens in marriage and relationships at times. I will get through it and we will carry on....

In the meantime I am making myself more at home at my OH. I am looking for a dresser to put my things in now. I have a large amount of stuff there now and have it all crammed in with Mono's things. I like to go there and put on my comfy clothes and look out the bedroom window. There is a Quaker church across the path way between the buildings and they are out on the back grass on Tuesday night in the summer, dancing and saying prayers. I love to listen to them and watch them sway back and forth... I the winter I watch through the windows of the big old house and it feels so warm in there. Mono makes me tea or a drink of some kind and we catch up a bit on things before doing something. Once we made cookies to send to LR when she had her operation. We made cannelloni once and last night the pie. Mono doesn't know how to cook much so we do it together. Sometimes we get on line and watch some things. Last night we learned how to make roses out of duct tape for a project we are doing for my mum's work.... and we always have long moments in bed talking and cuddling and having sex... we are not usually asleep until midnight or after...

yes, I really would not have that much luxury if he lived below. He would be worried about noise, and the boy coming in. I would think I was spending too much time with him... no Quakers. It really just might be for the best.
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