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Originally Posted by immaterial View Post
Secrets have energy. What people are looking for is not love, but distraction. A shame-based, mixed message culture encourages duplicitous behavior. For me, cheating has always equalled simple misery, but I admit, before the fact and act, it had an allure. The excitement of a lie. Lies do have energy, the energy of separation from reality. It's a willful and greedy embrace of the ego. Lots of people don't want love anyway, they just want to be desired, or to feel desire.
oh so true and so well said. I totally agree and have noticed this.

Originally Posted by immaterial View Post
Honesty now is the sexiest power now, for me, but used to just elicit fear........
What we take for love is often just an exchange of pathologies under the table.
Also agree, I felt the same way.... oh what a sad pathetic woman I was... I am so proud to of changed all that... no pathologies under the table for me from anyone.
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