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He's coming over to hang out tomorrow afternoon, and I think I'm going to let him know how I feel. That I really appreciate what a good friend he's been and that I want to get to know him better, and that my husband really doesn't care if we snuggle. And just let the conversation go from there.

I'm really happy right now and I have high hopes for tomorrow.
Sounds exciting for you.

Something you posted earlier in this thread really stuck with me....

After we reconnected emotionally, I spent a lot of time crying because I told Mr. Unicorn that I had signed up for a traditional marriage and I feel like I am going back on that contract. His reply was that he didn't sign up for a traditional marriage, he signed up for a marriage with me. If being poly is part of my identity, then how could he do anything but accept it because he loves me and wants me to be happy.

People, this man is incredible.
I completely agree, you've got an amazing guy. But now that you are on the cusp on actually getting involved with someone else as well, things might get extra scary for him. He may need all the love and support you can muster to feel safe during this transition. It might even be worth your while to go slower with Hunter than feels natural, so that Mr. Unicorn has time to process, and communicate, any swirling emotions that may arise.

You seem to have been doing this all along, but sometimes that NRE can make you lose track of other, critically important stuff.

Anyhow, please feel free to tell me to shut up if the things I say aren't welcome or useful to you, or are a distraction to this blog.

Side note: I originally got interested in your thread because you and Mr. Unicorn are in Wasilla. My ex and I used to live in Palmer. I sure wish I'd had the courage and self-awareness to make the journey you two are making, back when it might have done some good. /hugs and best of luck to you both.

Divorced in Homer,


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