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Beyond a quad's not so much my insecurity (maybe a little) but my outlook on life and how it affects relationships in general. I have a husband, two kids, back to a job after this second is born, a home to take care of, bills to pay, pets to care for, family, friends, etc. I have relationships on many levels plus my own life including hobbies, personal goals, and needing private time. I assume most people have all or many of these things plus their own wants, needs, goals, etc. Trying to develop loving relationships and closeness and honesty with too many people while simultaneously having all these other things in my life doesn't seem possible. And I don't understand how it would be possible for others. I'm not saying it isn't, as everyone isn't cookie cutter, but I don't think I'd be able to accept the possibility that there are lovers for every day of the week and they're all wonderful balanced relationships. I'd always feel some relationship somewhere is suffering, be it the one with me or another because of me.
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