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In "The Year of Living Biblically" (an excellent book I recommend to everyone, religious or not) the author is told early on in his year that what he's attempting is admirable, but impossible. The speaker (a respected Talmudic scholar and Rabbi) states that the meaning of certain words used in the oldest version of the Old Testament is no longer known. So, when kosher laws say "Thou shalt eat no owl"...well, the scholars think the word means owl...but they're not sure.

As for the New Testament... It's a series of quotations that may have been spoken by Jesus, remembered by the Apostles, and written down long after the fact.

So, the Bible may be, for some people, a guide to how to live morally in life; but taking it literally leads to contradiction, unless you select which passages to live by. Which, of course, you're not supposed to do as an evangelical; but you have to if you're going to survive in the modern world. Many of the strident evangelicals (as opposed to what C.E.S. Wood referred to as Christ-ians; people who genuinely tried to live by Christ's teachings) are arrogant hypocrites.

There are a lot of good people who are Christians; it's a shame they're drowned out by all the people claiming to be christians.
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