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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

Nerdist and I are very different people; he is a hermit, slow moving, in his head, pensive, needs lots of down time and sleep, while I am always on the move, head strong, loud, always getting a group together to do things, always creating fun times and flying by the seat of my pants.
That reminds me of me and my husband. Nerdist sounds like me, You sound like my husband. It is interesting to note that we three are Sagittarius, Nerdist is Pisces, but my moon is in Pisces, which is why I like to stay home a lot. Anyway someone did my chart once and it said something like that... if you are into astrology and zodiac signs and stuff. I am loud when I get going, but I am a home-body and need lots of down-time and sleep.

I just poked Nerdist on Fakebook.
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