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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I will be honest in saying there is still some of the "third wheel" thoughts going on for me even though they are just friends.
Even though I wasn't as affectionate as Redpepper would have liked I think she truly enjoyed seeing her men together and both families enjoying each other's company. Another great evening!!
Your third wheel complex is totally your own making silly. No one sees you as such, you create it when you think like that.... it just makes us all confused about why you think like that.

No you weren't affectionate enough I know it's because you don't want the kids to see, especially my boy, but really, he knows I love you and he knows that we sneak hugs and kisses.... I think it confuses him that you want to make it a secret and makes him feel that our love is not okay.... I'm not okay with that. Our love is okay and I for one am more than ready to show him that I love you more than others in our life.

I DID enjoy seeing my men together! Are you kidding! I have the best men going! Sexy, fun, funny, smart, good to the core, what more could I ask for! I am so blessed.... *sigh* and very happy
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