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Question meeting his wife

Ok so a little about my situation. I met a wonderful man at the local gay bar (I am bi, he's straight) and we hit it off right away. Him and his wife are in the military. He just got back from Iraq 3 months ago and she will be returning on SATURDAY! Her and I chat everyday via messenger and talk on the phone on the weekends. We get along great thus far. Last night I didn't realize how many emotions I have for her returning home. Him and I started talking yesterday and I just broke down in tears. I am so overwhelmed with emotion, I am terrified, because what if she doesn't like me, I am excited to finally meet her and I am very anxious about getting to know her. How do I get rid of or calm these nerves down so that I am not a ball of emotion when I do finally meet her in a few short days?!
<3 Michelle
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