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Well if I look at this from my perspective. I had flirted and talked with E our ex for months. We weren't friends but we were obviously sexually charged. Once the time came where it was turning into something a little more, I introduced the two of them. Pengrah had known there was a girl I was flirting with, but as you know I have a few gf's I hang out with and she isn't bothered with flirting. So in my world it would be a pretty mundane piece of my daily pie haha...

If someone came up to me, interested in Pengrah, I would tell them to go to town. Get to know her and if things keep clicking then fine. If they aren't clicking or something else got in the way then that would be that. Pengrah would know when and if to bother telling me if it was getting serious. I haven't had this happen yet since we started potentially dating separately. so I am not 100% sure how I will ever react. I think I have the tools in place to just deal with it. I tend not to get jealous over her.

That, in my limited experience, works for pengrah and I. You kind of need to figure out what works for the two of you

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