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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
I know for my own sanity, however, I can't go beyond an N or a quad relationship. I need some form of polyfidelity just for myself.

You're not alone in this thinking or requirement to maintain sanity. For me it's a product of my monogamous nature and the insecurity an "open" world of possibilities generates. I compare it to being constantly shoved from behind towards a cliff; eventually I'll reach the edge LOL!

As far as marriage goes for me. I have been married for a considerable time, more than most these days it seems. Although I can see a ceremony taking place to honour my commitment to Redpepper, the shape and details of that are very unclear. I see it as almost a very quiet, very small and private thing in a forest. I certainly don't expect anything like the benefits to traditional marriage. This works for me, as I will always be a bit autonomous.
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