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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
This feeling still rises up in me from time to time...I.E. recently. It is definitely influenced by external reaction to my relationship whether real or imagined. Who the hell wants to be seen as "the other guy" or the guy who is ruining some one's marraige?
Mono, I never would've guessed that you, (who seems to have a fantastic tribe from what I've seen on here!), still has these feelings. It's ... reassuring to the rest of us, though I don't wish it on anyone!

I suppose it doesn't help that we're not really "out". I mean, I don't get squeamish holding Mr. A's hand in public or being affectionate other than when it's outside my own personal comfort level with PDA (regardless of the partner). But, we live in a small city, much of Indigo's family is there, my family is close, and Mr. A's family is close. We're all young (25-29).

A few of my friends know, but not the majority. We all have an agreement that if we are seen by someone, or if there's a chance of anyone being thought of as a cheater/cheatee vs the truth, then it's always the truth.

Either friends will see Indigo or me with a partner and be introduced to them as such, or we'll come out when the time feels right. As for any introductions from Mr. A to his friends and family in a non-accidental way, I've left that up to him.

Sorry, back to OP!
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