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Personally I would never involve my self with someone wanting to have an affair on their wife. I don't care what his situation is, he is being deceitful and causing major damage. Cheating is the worst form of hurt I can think of. It depletes a persons self esteem, makes them feel alone, unloved, unworthy of love and corrodes their trust in everyone around them. it spreads further than you might think.... I have suffered because of Mono (a member of this sight that I have a relationship with) having cheated and that relationship is over! I'm sorry, I would dump the bastard and start again with someone new.... why you would want to be a part of that energy is beyond me. And you have been before???!!! Shame on you! At the very least I would dump him for a period of time until he and his wife have worked out an arrangement for them to get their needs met.
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