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You/your husband might want to try "cleansing" his aura after his visits. Auras are basically energy fields. When you get right down to it everything is made up of energy. There's nothing necessarily magic or spooky about it. Oriental medicine has worked with meridians, e.g., patterns/grids of flowing energy, in order to heal people just about forever. Certain frequencies/types of energies give off certain colors. Some people are more sensitive to them than others.

It's not that it's necessarily negative energy in terms of your husband's aura, but it can still be cleansed. Run an internet search on "cleansing an aura". Lots of recommendations/techniques come up. Some suggestions are a bit "woo-woo", but others are pretty practical and down to earth.

FYI: I don't see auras. I've done massage therapy in the past though, and often have felt energy. I had to be careful about consciously "releasing" the energy between massage clients, so I didn't carry it from one person to another or hold onto it inside myself. My cleansing ritual involved me visualizing (in my mind, not literally) the energy being washed down the drain as I was washing my hands and arms between massages. Different people have different methods.

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