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According to Ezekiel 16:49, God decided to destroy Sodom because they did not help the poor and needy. The men wanting to rape the angels happened after God decided to destroy the town. So from this story, sodomy should technically be stinginess.

The Old Testament is completely full of rules from what foods to eat to haw to sacrifice animals to how to treat your slaves. There are many physical acts that are specified by the Bible. For example, people are told to stone Sabbath breakers to death. Or they are told to kill fortune tellers. They are told not to eat lobster and not to wear mixed material clothing. There are many, many rules from the Old Testament that people ignore.

The Old Testament supports the idea that a man can have several wives. The only rules are on how he obtains them. For example, he should not marry a mother and daughter. He should marry his dead brother's wife. There is also a law that a king should not have too many wives.

A lot of these laws makes sense with the idea that people were concerned over lineage. So if you control who women may sleep with, you should have good confidence in who the parents of a child is. It is also very sexist in that it seeks only to control the women. For example, a raped woman must marry her rapist (unless she was married or engaged in which case the rapist is killed). Pre-maritial sex results results in the death penality for women, but not men. Adam and Eve commit the same sin, but Eve gets Adam's punishment and extra ones.

I personally think that these books were written for an older culture with very ancient values. The laws were probably a step up, but not a huge step up. (Like a master could not beat a slave to death, but he could beat his slave nonetheless.)
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