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Mono, it is not really your responsibility to bring anything to their intimate relationship. I can see where you are coming from about your boundaries taking something away. He obviously agreed to these at some point in time for them to be in effect. You should bring this up with him see if he sees it the same way as you do and if not then it's another thing to rule out. Honestly and I haven't been there so I don't know a thing, but it seems that this is a version of swearing off women/men when one gets their heart broken. That he is looking at everything through jaded eyes. Finding turmoil where he once found peace because the world is an ugly place that has broken his heart. I really feel that no life changes should be made when one is greiving or in a high emotional state of mind. I've learned that lesson the hard way and now I stick to it right down to when I am pmsing (tmi) If it's truly important during an emotional time it will still be important a few days/weeks/months. Getting rid of poly will not heal his heart from what roly has done. You leaving will not renew his faith and happiness and nothing will bring her back. Swearing off anything will only bring more heartache and lonliness which exactly what someone who is swearing off something is trying to protect themselves from.
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