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Default Multi-loving


So many of these discussions get cloudy because of language usage and definition. "Love" of course maybe be the one term we throw around carelessly but have no true agreed upon definition.


We started from a basic foundation of "intense caring about another individual".

From such a simplistic definition we might say there is little or no difference. I tend to view the term this way - as starting from a root and developing branches.
1> One branch might be for close family. A sprout off that branch for children.

2> Another branch might be for random individuals that we discover some "connection" with. Sprouting from this branch MAY be a limb including sexual desire. But not always.

3> Another branch would be for those in which we do develop a sexual desire AND a vision of our own family together. Although similar to # 2 it has the family component missing from the previous.

4> And there seem to be those that are focused primarily on a strong sexual connection as the main branch from which sometimes sprouts a deeper layer of caring.

More on this later -..............out of time at the moment.

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