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Was perusing the debate in the thread on Christianity and polyamory, see that as in some strands of Judaism, being gay and women's rights are being argued about based on the Bible. The only actual physical act outlawed by the Jewish part of the Bible is the act of Sodomy and it is forbidden both for men and women. It says nothing about punishing anyone who is gay for anything other than sodomy or "lying with a man like lying with a woman", which is again presumably male on male sodomy (male on male anal intercourse). (and also forbiddden male on female anal intercourse). No other specific physical act (other than directly casting sperm onto the actual raw dirt of the earth is forbidden in the BIBLE). So why are we busy persecuting Gay and Lesbian people for being as God made them? as even if we argue that the BIBLE is GOD's express word (and we'll use that principle for this particular debate), only those acts noted are forbidden. Being Gay or Lesbian is not expressly forbidden. Nor, have I ever been taught of a specific case where it is forbidden for a man to have more than one wife or a woman to have more than one husband (and the lack of an example of a woman with more than one husband is not the same as an expressly stated isur (forbidding)).
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