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I have to say that there are some parts that are the same from romantic to children and me loving them. Which is why I've used the example before.

OBVIOUSLY I don't want to have sex with my kids.
BUT I don't always want to have sex with my husband or GG either and I DO always love them.

I love them both-I'm emotionally tied to them both in MUCH the same way I am with my children.

SEX can be with love OR NOT.

But when we're talking about LOVING more than one SO-to me it is comparable.
IF we were talking (which has happened before too) about whether you can want to fuck more than one person-that's a WHOLE other topic and the answer is yes-I do often want to fuck more than one person-even at one time, but THAT I would NEVER EVER compare to the way I love my SO's or my children.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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