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In my opinion......You should not feel guilty for loving two women, but you should not marry one of them or involve yourself with another that wants to be mono. Neither will be an easy ride and I doubt highly that either will work out.

I suggest that you sit with both of them and figure out what your long term goals are. If they are marriage, kids, house and monogamy, then say goodbye to both. You can not offer all of these things to both and will resent making a choice. If you are indeed not monogamous then don't act like one and start embracing the life that you need to be living before it's too late.

I married my non-monogamous boyfriend 9 years ago and we are both poly. We have the house, the car, the kid, and the lovers/partners.... you can too, but it sounds like not with these two women.

Keep reading on here and elsewhere and see what you can learn about yourself and how this all works... it's possible, but you will need time and patience with yourself.
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