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Question is there an interest out there?

in guys wanting a serious polyandry relationship with a female?

I'm easy going & looking for a poly/slightly bdsm relationship, MALES only! serious please. wimpy guys need not apply as i know from my 38 years that only men who are strong of mind and body can handle me. I've been told, by men, that I'm too much of a man for them LOL meaning I'm strong willed and stubborn and left to my own devices for so long its become a habit. true DOM, nothing extreme, just want to feel safe, protected and secure, tired of feeling numb, or worse, insecure and walled up. I know ME very well, finding someone who knows how to treat me and handle me is another story LOL

Not trying to have a bunch of guys all the time, I would prefer I be the only one for them and them the only ones for me. If you know what I mean.

I've looked around for dating sites, forums, whole towns, anything that would lead me to what I'm looking for. Any advice would be appreciated.


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