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Originally Posted by dragonflysky View Post
This is certainly true, but even when we went to an event in early June and were together for 5 days, they'd make a decision, e.g. who would sleep with whom when, and then tell me what it was and then ask if it was ok with me. In that situation I felt I could have/should have been part of the discussion. Also, in June they had already planned out many of their weekends for themselves for the Summer months and never even talked with me about if or when I might want to get together with them, or do things with them, etc.
ooo, touche. Those are definitely the kinds of decisions you should be involved in, especially sleeping arrangements when you're all staying in a room together.

Your theory that he was testing the waters does not seem unreasonable, but I think it would be good to talk to them about how you're feeling about being left out of decisions. Especially since you're making such a major life change with them as part of the reason. It's great that he's paying more attention to you now, but it would be really good to see that it's not just excitement and a fresh burst of NRE.
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