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Originally Posted by HCgirl78 View Post
went as far as being rude and critiqued our marriage while trying to compare it to hers.
Typical response from someone who knows they're full of shit and is trying to deflect attention. Obviously you and your husband have a better relationship, given that at a bare minimum, you know whom one another is sleeping with.

Originally Posted by HCgirl78 View Post
I did tell him that next time he finds any potential partner (not married & lying) that we should use our old pay & talk phones
Not a bad idea. I'm really careful about whom I give my phone number to. I'm a little paranoid sometimes, but then I hear these crazy stalker stories and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and justified in my paranoia. I try to make most of my plans online until I know someone really well.

FYI, even a pay-as-you-go phone can be traced unless you paid cash for both the phone and minutes. Even then, someone crazy enough with the right ties and backing could access your phone logs and pretty much locate you that way. The Verizon/Bell/AT&T/Telus customer service agent doesn't make nearly enough money to really protect your privacy when offered an appropriate bribe, and any one of them can access the past 18 months of call logs.
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